February 8, 1967

letter of February 8, 1967 from Frank B. Wilson to Robert Anglin (1233)

February 8th., 1967.

Dear Cousin Robert,

Have thought of you frequently since the Anglin Family Picnic in 1965 and maybe I may be in Kingston this August for the next gathering, unless the festivities at Expo '67 hold me in Montreal. There are three things I want to know and possibly some of the younger ones would send your answer rather than asking you to write a note to me.

1st. Did you get a copy of the 4-generation picture which Jim Anglin took at the last picnic? That was the 4-Roberts picture you remember.

2nd. Did Robert S. Anglin, son of Dr. Robert S. Anglin of Omaha ever arrange to get those pieces of flatwear which you were keeping for him because the Doctor left it with you to pass on to his boy? I expect that Robert Jr and family may come to Montreal this summer and could pick it up. Actually I am planning to go to Springfield Mass in early June and might be able to take it that far where I would send it to him by express package. I will write him to find out what his plans will be and let you know.

3rd., The enclosed picture came to me from RONALD ANGLIN ELLIOTT (43) bachelor-teacher in a boys residence school in Sydney Australia. Two years ago he came to Canada in January (which would be summer-holiday time in Australia) and went to see Judge Anglin in New Brunswick who sent him on to see me in Montreal since he had charts and lists of Anglin connections since several Anglins went to Australia at the time others came to Canada etc. He had actually visited back in Ireland and had evidence, pictures, and family diagrams which blended with the William Anglin-Elizabeth Duke families as shown on page 58 in the "Anglins from Bandon to Canada" booklet. A family likeness was evident as you studied the faces in pictures. Dates matched etc. Actually, if we could reach back one more generation we would likely find that the Robert Anglin who married Sarah Welpley would be proven to be a first cousin of William who married Elizabeth Duke.

Here is a picture that Ronald Elliott sent me to have identified since he had an idea that it was a picture of Robert the Pioneer.

My thinking and study makes me believe that this new picture is one of JOHN ANGLIN who married Sarah Duke, being Robert's oldest brother who waited in Ireland while his old mother lived before coming out to Canada in 1863 with a son William and a daughter Elizabeth. They went to Brewer's Mills where they took over the farm and worked 6 years until they gathered passage money together to bring out his Wife and the remaining children to Canada in 1869.

Thus after much thought I examined the Robert picture on page 17 and the younger brother's photo on page 20 and saw that they were between fifty and sixty, and they were wearing their Sunday best clothes which were Canadian in style. This picture (which I call John) is dressed in modest attire which was probably made in Ireland. Now John came out, and was working hard and had no use for new clothes yet but with his two brothers felt it was a time when they all could get their pictures taken so that copies could be sent both to Mary Anne down New York way and also to John's Wife awaiting patiently for letters and news until her turn would come to migrate to Canada. So the three LADS went down to D.A. Weese photograph studio and got themselves 'took'. This took place likely in the fall of 1863 after John joined the others in Kingston. Note that this particular shot is a reprint by a specialist Freeman in Sydney Australia, but the original Ron tells me was taken in Kingston by Weese.

Look again at the picture of the three and certainly the mouth, eyes and other features have some similarity yet there is a difference. Yes this new picture looks like the Anglins.

Thus we have

                               John Anglin  1804-1882 arriving in Canada 1863
                                Robert        1806-1874 arriving in Canada 1829
                                William       1815-1899 arriving in Canada 1843

You came along in 1876 and you were 6 when John passed on, and William lived on until you were over 20 yrs old.

Can you help with this through memory, or other pictures so that I can help Ronald with his family study. I would like the original so am sending you a further copy made up in Montreal which you can keep. I wonder if Charlie Anglin of Mindemoya would have any recollections? (see page 44 in the Anglin book).

Thank you for your help. Greetings to all the family. Let me know that young Robert Craig is really growing up.

With kindest regards and best wishes,

                                           Sincerely yours,


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