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"ANGLINs FROM IRELAND TO CANADA" is a family history which, in its first section, gives some of the background of the Anglins who descended from Robert Anglin (born 1775) and Sarah Welpley (who married Robert in 1800) of Bandon, County Cork, Ireland. Their five children: John (1804-1882), Robert (1806-1874), Samuel (1809-1894), Maryann (1812-1900) and William (1815-1899) all emigrated from Ireland to Canada over the period 1829 to 1863 and all five settled in the Kingston, Ontario area. Maryann later (circa 1840) moved to the Philadelphia area with her husband, Robert Waterman, and contact has been lost with her descendants.

The original Robert, above, had a younger brother, Samuel (1780-1851) who had eight children; a sister, Hester; and a brother, James. Some of Samuel's eight children emigrated to Canada and some to Australia. Also included in the history and family tree is a tracking of many of Samuel's descendants, but to this point, there is no trace of any of Hester's descendants.

Information obtained on-line from a 1901 Irish census gave some of the first information for our records about James Anglin and his children. Then, contact with a gr-gr-grandaughter of James, Miss Elinore Buttimore, (of Drogheda in the Republic of Ireland, in late September, 2006), provided a list of almost 100 of James' direct descendants -- the first significant list of his descendants identified as a part of this family tree. Contact since that time with some of those on the list has led to additional members of James' family, so the list continues to grow.

The remaining sections give three different organizations of the family data: an alphabetic listing of almost 2100 names of all the individuals in the tree; a family tree listing by generations showing birth, death, and marriage dates, and the spouses for almost 1200 direct descendants of Robert, Samuel and James; and family groupings lists for the descendants of each member of the fourth generation, (accessed through the links in the fourth generation listing at THE ANGLIN FAMILY TREE.) One of two additional sections lists some of the more than fifty Anglin family members who have attended and graduated from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario while the second is a photograph album of many of the photos used in the text of the 'story'.

NOTE: The links within the text for the letters/documents and in the notes at the end of each section are links to the copies of these resources or the websites which I have used.

Mid-September, 2006 contact with Ms Elinore Buttimore (4134) in Ireland led to a long list prepared by Ms Jennie Bower (4113) of more than 125 direct descendants of James Anglin, brother of Robert, Samuel and Hester, the family who are the Irish patriarch family for those of us who appear in these listings.

An enquiry about Anglin ancestry, mailed in October, 2006 to a random selection of about 10 Anglins listed in the on-line white pages of the Australian phone directory, gave rise to a response from Dean Anglin and, through him, from his Aunt, Dorothy Bicket, a long list of Anglin families in Australia who can be traced back to William Anglin (21) and Elizabeth Duke. William appears to have been the son of Samuel Anglin (1780-1851) and Margaret Welpley. Other information from other sources shows that Samuel Anglin (1780-1851) married Anne Bass and had descendants who emigrated to Canada. It is not clear at this time that these are the same Samuel Anglin, but, for the purposes of this document I have assumed Samuel Anglin was twice married -- to Margaret Welpley and to Anne Bass. Nothing I have confirms this assumption, but I have shown the Australian Anglins as descendants of Samuel Anglin and Margaret Welpley through a son Francis Anglin (26) who married Margaret Hallam. The Canadian Anglins are also shown as descendants of Samuel Anglin from a marriage to Anne Bass through a son, William (21) who married Elizabeth Duke and some of whose children emigrated to Canada. Hopefully, future information will clear up this ambiguous ancestry for the two groups.

Based on this assumption Dean Anglin, in Australia, has code number 2623253 and his aunt, Dorothy Bicket has code number 262321.


Over the last few years Y-chromosome DNA testing has indicated that the family members identified in "Anglins from Ireland to Canada" are genetically related to a family of Anglins in the USA who are descended from William Anglin who was born about 1732 or 1733 in Hanover County, Virginia and died in 1803 in Caswell County, North Carolina. The DNA testing of a small number of individuals from each of the two families indicates a common family origin, but no data has so far been uncovered to definitively link any two individuals from the two families. It would appear that each of the families had a common ancestor, some time preceding the 1730s, from the County Cork area of Ireland. DNA testing, in and of itself, will not establish the relationship between two individuals. It will just confirm whether or not there is a relationship. It requires some other form of documentation to determine what the relationship is between two related iindividuals.

Then, in 2007, testing of two volunteer Anglin males who live in the County Cork area of Ireland confirmed that they, too, are related to the USA and Canadian Anglin families. The relationship has not been identified but the testing confirms that there was a common ancestor for all three groups at some time in the not-too-remote past.

The Y-chromosome DNA testing was initiated by an Anglin Research Group in the USA that meets every October in Lebanon, Tennessee to compare notes on their research into family history and relationships. They are trying to establish relationships within four different families of Anglins in the US, so that an individual can identify to which of the four families he belongs. To help them in their research they are having Y-chromosome DNA tests done on willing male members of the families to help establish relationships. Since only direct-descendant males have the critical Y-chromosome, only males with the Anglin surname provide useful data from the tests.

I attended the 2002 meeting of the Anglin Research Group in Lebanon and reported on the families in Canada that I have spent more than 25 years researching. Up to that point the Research Group had not been including the Canadian Anglins as a part of their research. As a result of contacts made at that time I agreed to undergo the DNA test. I submitted my samples (cheek swabs) to them early in the summer of 2006 and received my test results in late August of that year. The results indicated that I have ancestors in common with individuals in one of the families in the USA who also participated in the testing. Because we have been able to identify a clear line of descent within our Canadian families from Anglins in Ireland there is a strong indication that that group of USA Anglins also has an Irish background. Y-DNA testing in the fall of 2006 on a second volunteer from among the Canadian Anglins has confirmed the relationships of the Canadian families identified in this document who are descended from Robert (b1775) and Samuel (b1780) Anglin of County Cork, Ireland. It has now become apparent through the Irish participants in the testing that there are still Anglins living in Ireland from the same common ancestors as the North American families.

The Anglin Research Group has asked me to encourage any interested Anglin males to participate in the Y-chromosome DNA testing. My contacts within the group of researchers are Joan Bulach at and Karen Parker at Both are Anglin descendants but, as females, are not appropriate subjects for the actual testing. They are the co-administrators of the testing project and would welcome contact from any Anglin male interested in the testing. Any male with the surname Anglin is invited to join the Y-DNA testing project in the attempt to identify various groups of Anglins and clarify some of the inter-relationships among them. In addition to Anglins in the USA, Ireland and Canada, there are also known to be Anglins in England, Jamaica and Australia.

In particular:

1. There is high interest in any male Anglin related to Timothy Warren Anglin (TWA), the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons from 1874 to 1878, who would be willing to participate in the testing project. DNA test results could possibly confirm a relationship between the TWA family and the family descended from brothers Robert (b1775) and Samuel (b1780) Anglin of County Cork, Ireland, in additon to a relationship with many of the Anglins in the USA.

2. Any Anglin male in Ireland, or elsewhere, who is descended from James, the younger brother of Robert and Samuel, would be a welcome participant in the Project to confirm the relationship of the three brothers.

3. Any Anglin male in Australia is invited to participate to help establish the relationship of the Australian Anglins to the Robert, Samuel and James family. It is known that William, a grandson of Samuel, emigrated from Ireland to Australia in the late 1860s following his marriage in 1864 to Margaret Dunne.

4. Any Anglin male in Jamaica willing to be tested would help to identify the connection of the Jamaican Anglins, if any, to the Irish, American, Canadian and Australian families.

5. Any Anglin male in England willing to be tested would help to determine whether or not there is a relationship among the Anglins in England and those in Ireland, the USA, Canada and Australia.

Information about the testing process, its funding and results, is available on-line at: Anglin-Anglen-Anglim-Angland Surname Y-DNA Project