January 5, 1862

letter of January 5, 1862 from Robert (123), to one of his sisters (perhaps Jane but it is not clear from the letter)

Brewers Mills, January 5th 1862

Dear Sister

Yours duly received including twenty dollars with which I will pay McNee and Waddell their acct. I am not sure of their acceptance of american bills now that american banks have suspended special payments. In fact, everything american is looked down upon here in Canada. People seem to have no faith in what was formerly and never will be again called the United States. The insolence and contemp with which the American people and their organs have always shown to England and her government ever since americans gained their independance has stirred up a feeling of hostilitys in England and Canada which will be the means causing a war between the two countrys. The people on this side are all in arms organizing companys, drilling day and night, strengthening their fortifications on a gigantic scale. Soldiers by thousand's arriving every week from England also guns and amunition in porportion. The giving up of Mason and Sliddell (???) (must be verey humiliating to americans after all their bravados) has not lessened one iota the military ardour of the people. It is thought we will now insist on the immediate opening of the Southern Blockade & the recognizing of the Southern government.

Canadians talk of invading of American ports, feelings in faviour of the South. In time Victory to the (???) defeat to their Northern Oppressors: What are the northerns doing when and where are the glorious victorys they would lead us to supose they have gained. I presume talk and bosting, very characteristic of the americans, I venture to say the have not gained one victory that will live in memory six months. their defeats are numerous and laughable. How redicioules they make themselves appear in the eyes of the world by their (???) and bosting. For my part I am for peace between the two countries. I think we have more to gain by the peace than war now that Canada & the states are making such strides in civilation & it seems preposters of them to turn their means to such purposes. Some times war advances a nation. But enough of polaticks I must make room for other matters.

We have no sleighing yett verey unusual, boat crossing to & from the Cape. Ice melting at Seeleys Bay came off New Year (???) considering the weather. All their (???) including Hester who goes back tomorrow. Wished you had been with us. No visitors from Kingston this Winter. Eliza & Christopher took dinner with us Christmas. All of us to dinner but you, missed you very much, mentioned you several times. Father wants you home he told me to tell you so. He is very impatient that you should see the improvements he has made to his house. I understand you have been made acquainted with the alterations before, so I need not mention them.

William home to stay. he is well, all are well except Mother who complains of pains in feet & hands. Mr Irons the Hotel Keeper in K has failed, liability some 90000 dollars. Ruined many a person in Kingston. James Gardner and Mr Overand are heavy loosers, some 1800 dollars each. They say Uncle Wm is in for a $1000. Cousin Robert says he is fully secure. I hope so. I will make it my business to go to K tomorrow and find out. Dont make it known. I feel for him he gets into so much truble by self styled friends members of his own church, etc.

Business has been good this fall and Winter, busy now making out bills & collecting.

Inclosed note please hand to Miss Rooney. Perhaps she would pay us a visit this Winter if you see fit to ask her. I for one will give her a welcom. It is so dull here for the want of company. expect you home in a week dont disapoint.

Wishing you the complements of the Season.

I remain yours
Affectionately, R. Anglin

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