June, 1856

letter of June, 1856 from Robert (123), to his sisters Jane (125) and Hester (126)

Sunday June 1856

Dear Sisters Jane and Hester

Doubtless you concider by this time that I am a follower of the ancient adage, viz, out of sight out of mind. but no it is not so. Many an excuse could I make for not answereing your letters but I will not make any. for it is my Candid oppinion that no matter what excuse I would make it would not be sufficient.

I supose you have been informed by this time. how that I have left John Georges. I am stopping up Princes Street with two young men who have letterly started business in the shoe line. where George Cressall keep. I have barganed to stop with them until October next. I like the place very much. They are both single. There names are Allen & Curtis. Allens sister keeps house for us. but she goes home on Sundays. So we take turn about in cookeing. I wish you could see me getting the meals today (as this is my turn) you would laugh.

I was home three weeks ago all one week and busey. The country looks well. I had a pleasant time of it. the boats are running opposition to Bytown. they take for nothing some days.

We had a grate day in Kingston on the queens Birth day. Brother William and Samuel was up they seemed to enjoy it very much. I wish you had been over. I am sure you would have enjoyed it too. when are you comeing. when you come perhaps I will go down home with you. come soon.

Where is the Book you spoke of lending me. I must bring this too a close as six o'clock is strikeing. and I must go and get tea. Hester you must write me another letter. I am glad to perceive your improvement. give me all the particulars.

All are well.

                                                                                                     Your Neglectful
                                                                                                                              R. Anglin

P.S. Aunt Cecilia wants you to send her the latest pattern for a sleave of a silk dress

                                                                                                                           R. A.

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