March 12, 1917

letter of March 12, 1917 from the Board of Management of the Ernestown Rural Telephone Co. to R. W. Anglin (1233)

To Mr. R. W. Anglin

Dear Friend: You having severed your connection with the board of management of the Ernestown Rural Telephone Co., the Staff with whom you have been so long associated feel that they cannot let the occasion pass without expressing to you, their appreciation of the faithful and very efficient services rendered by yourself to the Company in the capacity of director and secretary since its inception. We had come to look upon you as one whose advice and counsel was a help indeed, and feel sure that in our deliberations in future we will miss you. Our intercourse has been of a most cordial nature, and, we extend to you our best wishes for success in the pursuit of your life's work in whatever occupation you may be engaged. We ask you to accept this fountain pen, not because of its worth, but, as a slight mark of our appreciation. We also desire to extend our good wishes to Mrs Anglin & family and trust that you may enjoy many years of prosperity and happiness

 Signed on behalf of those concerned ---                                                          E. A. Wright, Pres
                                                                                                                      G. W. Lucas, Vice Pres.
                                                                                                                      R. J. C. Parrott, Treas.
                                                                                                                      Fenton Reid, Director
                                                                                                                      Clark Walker, Sec.

Odessa Ont.
March 12th, 1917

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