March 19, 1843

letter of March 19, 1843 from Robert H. Waterman (14), in Philadelphia, to his brother-in-law Robert Anglin (12), in Kingston

Philada [sic] March 19 1843

Dear Brother

I received your letter of the 26th .... on the 18th instant and am glad to hear that you all keep well as we do at present Thank God. I saw the Kingston Chronicle and Gazette of the 25th of February the day previous to your letter being dated and saw your card and copied it and read it to Maryann. I hope you may succeed in being returned as councilman. I read your letter to Richard Glasson he was very glad to hear from you. We have removed from where we lived when you were here to a snug little house to ourselves. Maryann is near her confinement therefore if we come on it will have to be very soon or else we wont be able to come before June or July but she prefers to come on immediately if the navigation opens and I can raise money enough which I fear will be a difficult job as the winter has been very hard and business dull but I will try and raise all I can. I am anxious to come on if possible and should like to leave here by the 14th of april, my months rent is due then, if possible. I therefore wish you would answer this letter immediately on the receipt of it and write me word what you think it will cost to come on with the family and what articles of furniture if any we had better bring with us. Maryann has got exceedingly anxious to get these before her confinement which she expects in the early part of May. Please write at once as I shall anxiously wait for your answer. If you do I ought to get an answer by the beginning of April. a great deal will depend on your letter whether we will be able to get their soon. I thank you kindly for the generous interest you have manifested towards me and hope with Gods help not to prove ungrateful to you for it. Richard Glassens family are all well and send their respects to you and will send a letter by us when we come. I should judge that the market and Town hall will be a great acquisition to Kingston from the loan procured for building it. I hope the seat of Government will remain there as it will be of great advantage to the place. Maryann joins me in sending her love to Sally, Samuel and the rest of the Family.

Yours etc
Robert H. Waterman

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