March 27, 1967

letter of March 27, 1967 from Ron Elliott (2864) to Frank Wilson

                                                                                           43 Chalmers Rd
                                                                                                                       27th March 1967.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Dear Mr. Wilson,

Your letter of March 10th I have now received together with the picture of John Anglin and the explanation of that Anglin photograph, I sent off earlier to you. First, I do want to thank you for going to so much trouble. So it turned out to be Robert Duke Anglin, elder son of John Anglin and Sarah nee Duke. This makes the third marriage between the Anglin and Duke families, of which I know. When I wrote to Miss Waugh, she asked me if Mr Robert W. Anglin can recall Miss Mary Anne Duke (Minnie Duke) who died in 1939 or Isabel and Clara Waugh. They are close relatives of the above and I think in their young days had visited Canada. If he can, perhaps he might recall the Anglin relationship they bear to John whose photo he was kind enough to give to us.

In her last letter was enclosed this photograph, which I am forwarding to you; there is no name on the back or the front and she hasn't a clue as to his identity. It does look as though he is a Canadian Anglin, first on account of a strong likeness to those already identified, and, second, the photo appears to have been taken in Montreal by William Notman.

If it means much trouble to find out who it is, then disregard it; for I see that the last one I sent has involved the writing of several letters to various relatives, who have been so kind as to supply valuable information.

Much as I would like ever so greatly to be with you and the 'Montrealers' this year of all years, I fail to see my way clear just yet. Hoping this year brings with it much joy and happiness to all in Canada and Montreal in particular.

                                                                                                Yours very sincerely


P.S.  Have sent off the duplicate letter and 2nd photo to Cork.  It will afford much interest

                                                                                                Yours sincerely


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