March 6, 1967

letter of March 6, 1967 from Rob Anglin (1233) to Frank Wilson in response to his request of Feb 8, 1967

                                                                                           Sir John A. Macdonald Blv.
                                                                                                    Kingston, March 6th, 1967.

Dear Cousin Frank:

Your letter to hand enclosing a photo of an Anglin and asking me if I could recognise it,

That is a photo of Robert Duke Anglin the eldest son of John Anglin & Sarah Anglin (Duke) the first of John Anglin family to come to Canada

He first taught school about half-way between Brewer's Mills and Gananoque. Then he started a little store in that (????) and afterwards he got a position in the Custom House in Kingston which he held all the time I knew him. When he got through in the evening he went to the W.B. & S. Anglin Co. Office and looked after the posting of the books for them.

Late in life he married Jenne Brokenshire.

When he came to Canada he brought his sister, Lizzie with him and she kept house for him until he married.

I hope you will be able to read this scribble as I can hardly hold the pen. I have been under the weather since May. Have been in the Hospital twice once for five weeks. Still at the present I take a little outing on a fine day. I had to sell my apartment house. Have not heard anything about the pictures.


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