This is a list, from family records and the Queen's University Alumni Directory 1998, of Anglins who have graduated from Queen's.

************************************** ******** ******** **************** *************************** *******************************
David Keith Anderson 1272111 A 2001 BA(Eng) assistant professor University of Oklahoma
Andrew Arnold Anglin 12442 C 1931 BCom chartered accountant deceased
Arthur Baker Anglin 12714 S 1933 BSc(Eng) marketing, R & D deceased
Carol Ann (Webster) Anglin 123323 A 1958 BA, BPHE teacher homemaker
Dr Carolyn Diane Anglin 1233231 A 1982 BSc(Hon), PhD President and CEO Geoscience BC
Dr Carolyn Ruth Anglin 214644 PhD 1999 PhD biomed eng biotech research Sulzer, Switzerland
Charles David Anglin 1233232 S 1984 BSc(Eng), MSc project engineer W. F. Baird, Ottawa
Charles Samuel Anglin 1277 S 1903 BSc fuel/lumber dealer deceased
David Andrew Anglin 1122223 S 1995 BA, BSc (Eng) design engineer Bombardier
Doris Gertrude Anglin 12772 A 1937 BA, FS hospital dietician deceased
Douglas Gould Anglin 1533 S 1911 BSc(Eng) construction deceased
Francis Robert Anglin 1271 A 1895 BA fuel/lumber dealer deceased
Harold Charles Anglin 12771 A 1935 BA fuel/lumber dealer deceased
Prof Dr James Robert Anglin 1122221 A 1988 BSc(Hon) physics professor Univ of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Dr James Richard Anglin 127142 S 1969 BSc(Eng) technical specialist ALCOA
Dr James Vickers Anglin 154 A 1883 BA physician deceased
John Michael Anglin 1122222 A 1992 BA(Hon), BEd computer system admin Nortel
Margaret Frances Anglin 12341 A 1952 BA(Hon), MA teacher retired
Marion Phillips Anglin 12713 A 1928 BA librarian deceased
Mary Richardson 'Mamie' Anglin 1531 A 1915 BA principals' secretary, Queen's deceased
Nancy Jane Anglin 1233235 S 1993 BSc(env) senior engineer/operations mgr Ninyo and Moore, California
Dr Peter James Anglin 214233 M 1986 MD physician Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto
Dr Peter James Gerald Anglin 154222 M 1986 MD physician Belleville
Rebecca Elizabeth Shirley Anglin 1245333 A 2002 BSc neurology resident McMaster, Hamilton
Rev Richard William Anglin 2142 A 1908 BA minister deceased
Robert Forth Anglin 123322 A 1955 BA(Hon) IBM, Mgr IR retired
Dr Robert Steven Anglin 132 M 1882 MD throat, ear specialist deceased
Robert Whelpley Anglin 1244 1897 Graduate Studies Ont Ministry of Ed'n deceased
Samuel Might Anglin 1124 A 1905 BA teacher deceased
Sara Anglin 1232 BA teacher deceased
Violet Cora Anglin 12331 A 1935 BA Children's Aid Society director deceased
Walter Mark Anglin 214234 S 1957 BSc(Eng), MBA account mgr Oracle Corp'n
Dr William Gardiner Anglin 153 M 1883 MD physician deceased
William Gordon Anglin 123323 A 1959 BA, MEd sup't of education retired
Patti Sue Anglin-Toogood 1233223 A 1985 BA, BEd teacher York Region Bd of Ed'n
Brenda Jean (Anglin) Barden 127712 A 1976 BA principal Ottawa Bd of Ed'n
Holly Lynn (Anglin) Canivet 1277141 A 2005 BA healthcare Toronto Rehab
Dr George Douglas Carson 153311 M 1968 MD obstetrics/gynecology Regina Gen'l Hosp
Pamela Isabel (Anglin) Carson 15331 A 1938 BA, FS retired
Jennie Alice Anne (Halverson) Daley 214221 A 1980 BSc OT
Helen Florence (Anglin) Davidson 12712 A 1926 BA music teacher deceased
Lois Helen (Anglin) Dent 124422 A 1960 BA(Hon) social worker York Community Services
Dr Douglas McLaren Ewart 15322 M 1941 MD anaesthetist deceased
Alice McKecknie (Anglin) Halverson 21422 c1950 MA bacteriology deceased
Dr Mary Elizabeth Horsey 15351 M 1963 MD psychiatrist Royal Vic Hosp, Barrie
Sarah Harriet 'Hallie' (Anglin) Knapp 1274 A 1899 BA deceased
Michelle Grace (Anglin) MacMaster 1122111 A 1988 BA(Hon), BEd teacher deceased
Jennie Mabel (Anglin) McCuaig 1278 A 1906 BA minister's wife deceased
Eileen Mabel (Anglin) Sinclair 12773 A 1940 BA Chmn, S Anglin Co deceased
Sarah Esther (Anglin) Sparling 1242 A 1892 BA teacher deceased
Mark Sinclair Staveley 1277321 S 1997 B Sc adjunct lecturer Queen's University
Doris Harriet (Anglin) Stewart 15332 A 1943 BA, FS occupational therapy retired
Barbara Isabel Constance (Anglin) Webster 12342 A 1953 BA(Hon) chemist retired
Wilma Frances (Anglin) Williams 12361 BA teacher deceased