How many VR post boxes in UK?

Currently there are over 85,000 in England and 115,500 across the UK as a whole. In England, a small number are listed buildings.

How many VR post boxes are left?

Despite his short time as head of state, there are 171 boxes with his cypher, some of which are in London. EIIR – Queen Elizabeth II : 1952-present. Walking around London today, a red post box is a frequent piece of street furniture.

How rare are VR postboxes?

A very rare find

There are about 11,500 postboxes in the UK, and nearly all of them have a royal cypher embossed on the front. Over half carry the emblem of the Queen, “EIIR”; there are a surprisingly large number of boxes from Victoria’s reign – ones with a spidery “VR” cypher make up 6 per cent.

How many Edward 8 post boxes are there?

There were, according to Bexley Council Strategic Planning and Regeneration Department, 271 letter boxes made during the short reign of Edward VIII. Of these, “161 were pillar boxes, 6 were wall boxes and the remaining 104 were Ludlow boxes for use at sub-post offices.

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What does VR mean on post box?

VR stands for Victoria Regina, regina being latin for queen, denoting that Queen Victoria was monarch when the box was installed. The cipher is the easiest way to approximately date a post box as you can link it to the monarch on throne at the time of casting and installation.

Why are post boxes red in England?

Firstly their colour: many of the UK’s earliest boxes were painted green to blend in with the landscape, but were repainted the famous ‘pillar box red’ by 1884 to increase visibility. Their second shared feature is their insignia, or marking, of the monarch reigning when the box was placed.

How big is a Royal Mail post box?

The maximum Parcel size allowed into our new Postboxes is 44cm x 35cm x 16cm. Any Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed items, Royal Mail International Tracked items, and any Royal Mail Tracked Returns without a barcode on the label must be posted in a Post Office branch and cannot be dropped off at a Parcel Postbox.

Where is the oldest post box in the UK?

The Post Office archives record that the first box in mainland Britain was erected in Botchergate, Carlisle, in 1853. This fact is commemorated today with a replica Penfold box, located outside the Old Town Hall in Carlisle city centre. The first six in London were installed on 11 April 1855.

Who invented the first post box in Victorian times?

In 1856, Richard Redgrave of the Department of Science and Art designed an ornate pillar box for use in London and other large cities. In 1859 the design was improved, and this became the first National Standard pillar box. Green was adopted as the standard colour for the early Victorian post boxes.

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What does Gr mean in royalty?

Royal Insignia at the Tower of London, England. GR stands for George(ius) Rex, relating to the reign of King George VI.

What Colour are post boxes in UK?

Royal Mail have agreed that, only where there is historic precedent, will post boxes be painted in any colour other than the current official, standard colour- red. Further information on this can be found in the Joint Policy Statement which was renewed in 2015. Many pillar boxes are on display in the museum.

What is a Ludlow post box?

In the UK, a Ludlow wall box is a post box where mail is deposited to be collected by the Royal Mail. They are built into stone pillars or the walls of buildings and are never found free-standing. … Ludlow style boxes have been in use since 1885 and were in continuous manufacture until 1965.

Why are some post boxes black?

Four postboxes have been painted black to honour black Britons including Sir Lenny Henry and nursing pioneer Mary Seacole. … Each features a significant figure in the British black community and has a social media link. Royal Mail says the aim is to help mark the success of black Britons.

Why do they call the Queen Regina?

About the Name Windsor

The Queen signs official documents “Elizabeth R.” The R stands for Regina, which means “queen.” (Regina is not one of her given names; she was baptised Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.) But the royal family does have a last name, and they do use it from time to time.

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What does Gr mean in England?

written abbreviation for gross adjective. (Definition of gr from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What does E II R mean?

The most common Royal Cypher to many would be that of our current monarch, HM Queen Elizabeth II. Her ‘EIIR’ cypher stands for ‘Elizabeth II Regina’. The ‘R’ was added to a monarch’s cypher from the reign of Henry VIII, and stands for either ‘Rex’ or ‘Regina’, which is Latin for King or Queen.