Is Athens bigger than London?

Is London Bigger Than Greece?

Greece is about 1.9 times smaller than United Kingdom.

United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, while Greece is approximately 131,957 sq km, making Greece 54.17% the size of United Kingdom.

What cities is London Bigger Than?

In the UK, London is by far our biggest city at 1,572km² with Leeds in second place at almost a third of the size but compare that to places like Beijing and Sydney that are each more than 10,000km² and the UK capital doesn’t seem quite so large.

How big is Athens Greece?

Athens is a city with many faces. Greece’s capital is the nation’s largest city, both in terms of population and landmass. Beyond this, Athens is Greece’s most thriving center of commerce, culture and education. Athens is many things at once, a multitude of historical sites interspersed with touristy souvenir shops.

Is UK smaller than Greece?

-Greece is smaller than the UK – 131,957 sq. km compared to 243,610sq km. -Significantly more people live in the UK – 66 million compared to 10.8 million.

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Who big is Greece?

According to the CIA World Factbook, Greece has 13,676 kilometres (8,498 mi) of coastline, the largest in the Mediterranean Basin.

Geography of Greece.

Continent Europe
Area Ranked 95th
• Total 131,957 km2 (50,949 sq mi)
• Land 99.13%
• Water 0.87%

Is London or Manchester bigger?

London was by far the largest urban agglomeration in the United Kingdom in 2020, with an estimated population of 9.3 million people, more than three times as large as Manchester, the UK’s second biggest urban agglomeration.

What are the 10 largest city in the world?

The 20 Largest Cities in the World: 2021 Edition

  • 1- Tokyo, Japan.
  • 2- Delhi, India.
  • 3- Shanghai, China.
  • 4- Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • 5- Mexico City, Mexico.
  • 8- Beijing, China.
  • 9- Mumbai, India.
  • 10- Osaka, Japan.

What are the 3 largest cities in England?

The Three Largest Cities in England

  1. London. London is the capital and the largest city in England. …
  2. Birmingham. The metropolitan area of Birmingham is the second most populated city in England. …
  3. Manchester. Manchester is the third most populous urban area in the UK with a population of approximately 2.7 million people.

Is Athens population growing?

The current metro area population of Athens in 2021 is 3,153,000, a 0% increase from 2020. The metro area population of Athens in 2020 was 3,153,000, a 0.03% decline from 2019. The metro area population of Athens in 2019 was 3,154,000, a 0.06% decline from 2018.

What are 5 facts about Athens?

15 Incredible Facts About Athens

  • Athens is Europe’s oldest capital. …
  • Athens has experienced almost every form of government. …
  • If it weren’t for an olive tree, Poseidon might have been the city’s patron. …
  • The ancient Olympic games were never held in Athens. …
  • Athens is home to the first known democracy.
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Is Athens safe?

Athens is considered a very safe city, even for solo female travelers. The crime rate is very low and as long as you take normal precautions, you will feel safe here. Most visits are trouble-free, but the theft of passports and wallets are common on the metro and in crowded tourist sights.

What are the 3 largest cities in Greece?

Census-designated places

Rank City Census 2011
1 Athens 1 * 664,046
2 Thessaloniki 2 * 315,196
3 Patras 8 * 167,446
4 Piraeus 1,3 163,688

What is the 2nd largest city in Greece?

Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of Greek Macedonia, the administrative region of Central Macedonia and the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia and Thrace.

What are the 5 biggest cities in Greece?


Name 2021 Population
Athens 664,046
Thessaloniki 354,290
Patra 168,034
Piraeus 163,688