Question: Which London store was bombed by the IRA just before Christmas 1983?

The Harrods bombing refers to the car bomb that exploded outside Harrods department store in central London on Saturday 17 December 1983. Members of the Provisional IRA planted the time bomb and sent a warning 37 minutes before it exploded, but the area was not evacuated.

When did the IRA bomb the Old Bailey?

The 1973 Old Bailey bombing (known as Bloody Thursday in Britain) was a car bomb attack carried out by the Provisional IRA (IRA) which took place outside the Old Bailey Courthouse on 8 March 1973. The attack was carried out by an 11-person active service unit (ASU) from the Provisional IRA Belfast Brigade.

When did the IRA bomb Harrods?

December 17, 1983
Harrods bombing/Даты начала
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