What does London terminals mean on a rail ticket?

A ticket marked “London Terminals” allows travel to any station in the group via any permitted route, as determined by the National Routeing Guide. Most London terminal stations were developed in the mid-19th century during the initial boom of rail transport.

What does London Terminals mean train?

My ticket says ‘to/from London Terminals’

This means you can travel to or from any London Terminal provided it’s on a reasonable line of route. For instance, a ticket from Cambridge to London Terminals would be valid for travel to: London Kings Cross. London Liverpool Street. Moorgate.

What does London Terminals mean on season ticket?

Where you see a ticket which mentions the start or end point as ‘London Terminals’ this means that the season ticket covers you from the first main train station in London that is on the route you are travelling.

What Does not valid through London Terminals mean?

It means you can’t travel via any of the central London terminus stations, ie Victoria, London Bridge, Charing Criss, Waterloo, Waterloo East, Paddington, etc. Nor is it valid on the underground.

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Does London all terminals include underground?

1 Answer. London Terminals is better defined as the first National Rail terminal you travel to rather then allow travel between terminii. The exceptions are the old Southern stations which are interconnected and the Moorgate line and definitly not London Underground. The definition is on the National Rail website.

Does London terminals mean any station?

Tickets issued for travel to/from London usually show ‘London Terminals’ as the destination/origin rather than naming a specific station. This is because the ticket is valid to more than one London Terminal station provided it’s on any reasonable line of route. Tickets can only be used on National Rail services.

How many London terminals are there?

Nonetheless: to sum up, London has 14 rail terminals, even though they’re of radically different sizes, are served by radically different types of train services, and not all of them are only terminal stations.

Does London terminals include Kingscross?

All stations in the London group are in London fare zone 1 and most are at the end of a railway line. This includes major national terminals such as Waterloo, Paddington, Euston and King’s Cross, and local commuter terminals such as Cannon Street and Moorgate.

What is London’s main train station?

Paddington Station

It is the National Rail Station in London and is officially called London Paddington by people outside London.

What zone is Oxford Circus?

The Bakerloo, Central and Victoria lines all stop at Oxford Circus station. WHICH ZONE IS OXFORD CIRCUS IN? On the Tube Map Oxford Circus is in Zone 1.

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What does any permitted mean on train ticket?

Permitted Routes

The ticket that you have selected may require you to travel via a specific route. Our Journey Planner will have already taken the permitted route into account with the selection that you have made and will only show tickets that are valid for the selected trains.

Why is there a cross on my train ticket?

This indicates that a passenger can use several stations in the capital for the origin or destination of their journey. But it is used for some routes where only one specific station is valid, such as a ticket from York to London Terminals which can only be used to London King’s Cross.

What does valid only via London mean?

It used to be the case that if you could travel from A to B on either a cross-country route or via London, then the (usually more expensive) “via London” tickets could be used on either route whereas those not endorsed “via London” were only valid on the cross-country route.

What time is off peak?

Generally speaking, the Off-Peak window begins after 09:30 and outside of evening commuter hours – 15:30-18:15 – for travel in and out of big cities. Super Off-Peak tickets become available after 10:00.

How many main line stations are in London?

London is a city with twelve major railway stations around the central area of the city. Each station has train services to different regions of the country. Cannon Street: Local stopping services to South East London, and outer suburban services to Kent.

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