What does safe mean in British slang?

UK slang. used to show that you agree or are happy with something: “You OK?” “Safe, man,” Shaun muttered. More examples. Tyrone was safe, a top guy.

Why do Brits say safe?

In the world of London roadman slang, we say ‘safe’. Secondly, safe is a means of complimenting someone’s friendly character. Example: you’re out of baccy in the Grime rave.

What does safe slang mean?

“Something or someone good” is the most common definition for SAFE on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. SAFE. Definition: Something or someone good.

What does get safe mean?

Get Safe is the Worcestershire name for our multi-agency support and protection for children and young people at risk of Criminal Exploitation. … The Get Safe Partnership is committed to tackling Child Exploitation and supporting victims and their families who experience this.

What does stay safe mean in slang?

A term used as a friendly farewell, generally expressing carefulness for a person to not get into trouble of any sort.

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How do you say OK in British slang?

‘Hunky-dory’ – a neat little piece of British slang that means that a situation is okay, cool, or normal.

What is the British slang for girl?

This is British slang for a girl or a woman. “Mug” is more specifically London slang and is associated with the cockney accent.

Why do guys say safety?

The rule is simple, though many of us learned it the hard way: If you fart — especially if it’s audible — you must say “safety” before your friends can say “doorknob.” Otherwise, they proceed to punch you until you get up and touch a doorknob. … This is the Adult Male Doorknob Phenomenon.

What does sound mean in British slang?

You’re so sound is something you might say to someone you admire, especially in the UK and Ireland. Sound, as a slang adjective, can mean “excellent.”

Are you being safe Meaning?

If you are safe, you have not been harmed, or you are not in danger of being harmed. Where is Sophy? Is she safe?

What does safe mean to you?

1 : free from harm or risk : unhurt. 2a : secure from threat of danger, harm, or loss. b : successful at getting to a base in baseball without being put out. 3 : affording safety or security from danger, risk, or difficulty. 4 obsolete, of mental or moral faculties : healthy, sound.

What does it mean to keep someone safe?

the act of keeping safe or the state of being kept safe; protection; care; custody.

What does aight safe mean?

Definition of ‘aight’

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1. adequate; satisfactory. 2. unharmed; safe.

How do you say stay safe in English?


  1. conserve.
  2. defend.
  3. keep safe.
  4. keep up.
  5. look after.
  6. maintain.
  7. preserve.
  8. safeguard.

Can you say stay safe?

While both the phrases mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably also, “stay safe” appears to mean some efforts being needed on the part of its recipient also, and ” be safe” is just a general wish!

Is it correct to say keep safe?

An object is usually included in between “keep” and “safe.” The person or thing that is being kept safe is part of the phrase. Explanation provided by a TextRanch English expert.