What is the highest rank in the police UK?

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police is often considered to be the highest police rank within the United Kingdom, although in reality every chief constable and the two commissioners are supreme over their own forces and are not answerable to any other officer.

What are the ranks in the police UK?

UK Police Ranks

  • Constable (PC / DC)
  • Sergeant (PS / DS)
  • Inspector (Insp / DI)
  • Chief Inspector (CI / DCI)
  • Superintendent (Supt / DSU)
  • Chief Superintendent (CS / DCS)
  • Assistant Chief Constable (ACC)
  • Deputy Chief Constable (DCC)

What is the highest Order of police?

The chief of police is the department’s highest-ranking officer.

Is Chief Constable the highest rank?

Our officers wear badges on the shoulders of their uniform to show their rank. The force rank structure is as follows, ending with the highest rank of Chief Constable.

What rank is 3 pips in the police?

The insignia of Chief Inspectors is three ‘pips’ on their uniform epaulettes, formally called ‘Order of the Bath’ stars, or ‘Bath Stars’.

Is DI or DS higher?

Most local police stations have more uniformed officers than CID officers; a smaller station might have five DCs with a Detective Sergeant (DS) in command, while a larger station would have more CID officers under a detective of higher rank.

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What are the police ranks in order?

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  • Superintendent. The public sector equivalent for the Superintendent rank is the Senior Executive grade.
  • Inspector. The public sector equivalent for the Inspector rank is the Clerk 11-12 grade.
  • Senior Sergeant. …
  • Sergeant. …
  • Senior Constable. …
  • Constable. …
  • Probationary Constable.

What CID investigate UK?

The CID is the department that investigates crimes of a more serious nature, which may require specialist skills to ensure more complex or serious crimes are investigated fully. The types of serious crimes that they investigate are murders, serious assaults, robberies, fraud, and sexual offences.

Who is higher authority in police?

The Director General and Inspector General of Police are the highest authorities within the state police department. At the next level are the Additional Directors General of Police.

Is Sergeant higher than constable?

Constable is the first rank, one rank below a sergeant and five ranks below chief superintendent in all UK police forces. … Within Greater London’s Metropolitan Police, all constables and sergeants display a divisional call sign, as well as an individual number.

What rank is detective in police?

In the NYPD, the detective rank is technically a designation: detectives do not actually outrank police officers although they are in charge of cases and are often senior in years of service, and so have a certain degree of authority beyond police officers in specific situations.

Who is the head of the UK police?

Cressida Dick was appointed to the post in 2017, and assumed office on 10 April.

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Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis
Incumbent Dame Cressida Dick since 10 April 2017
Reports to Home Secretary
Appointer Monarch on advice of the Home Secretary