What should I do on my first day in London?

The Tower of London, the London eye,Walking along the river around the Tower and then across Tower Bridge down to the London eye. From Canada I would guess that nothing will be cheap in the UK. Museums are free to all, There is the Natural History, Victoria and Albert for starters.

What can you do in London if you only have one day?

One Day In London: What to Do in London for A Day

  • The Tower of London. History! …
  • The South Bank and London Eye. …
  • The Houses of Parliament. …
  • Buckingham Palace. …
  • Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and the West End. …
  • Visit a Decent London Pub.

How do I spend my day in London?

Visitor guide: how to spend one day in London

  1. Option 1: Spend the day sightseeing.
  2. Option 2: Go shopping in London.
  3. Option 3: Get some culture.
  4. Option 4: Dig into London’s pubs, bars and restaurants.
  5. Option 5: Explore London’s parks and heaths.
  6. Option 6: Ask the experts.
  7. Getting around.
  8. Staying here.
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Is one day in London enough?

London is one of those cities every traveler should visit at least once in a lifetime. … And while spending only one day in London can be pretty challenging, it’s still enough time to visit all the most popular sights and London landmarks. But one thing is for sure – it’s definitely going to be a busy day for you!

Is 1 week enough for London?

If you have one week in London, you should have enough time to plan at least one day trip. Popular day trips include Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, Oxford, or Bath. You can visit Oxford or Bath as a day trip by train. Of course there are also plenty of bus tours.

How do I spend a morning in London?

Day trip to London – a one-day itinerary

  1. Breakfast in Soho.
  2. Stroll through Green Park.
  3. Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.
  4. Big Ben and Houses of Parliament.
  5. London Eye.
  6. Lunch on the South Bank.
  7. Sightseeing from The Shard.
  8. Tower Bridge and the HMS Belfast.

What is the cheapest month to travel to London?

According to Cheapflights.com, the best time for bargains on flights to London is during September and October. Frommer’s indicates that November 1 to December 12, and December 25 through March 14 are other times to get the best airfare bargains.

How can I experience London?

Here’s how to see the best of London like a local!

  1. Wear your best walking shoes.
  2. Make the most of all the free museums.
  3. Experience the hidden gems of London.
  4. Use the tube (London underground)
  5. Indulge in some great British food.
  6. Head to a British pub.
  7. Go for a walk in the park.
  8. Shop in the markets.
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What should I do on my last day in London?

What should you see on your last day in London?

  • Start your day with a good breakfast. Perfect days out in London start with a great breakfast to fuel you up and give you the energy to pack in as much as possible. …
  • Take a street art tour. …
  • Walk across Tower Bridge. …
  • Head into China Town. …
  • Head to Covent Garden. …
  • The London Eye.

How do you park in London?

Car parks in London

If you want to plan ahead, visit the Parkopedia website to search for parking spaces at your destination. In London streets, parking restrictions typically apply between 8.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Saturday. Always check the signs for exact details of parking restrictions in each street.

How can I spend my afternoon in London?

Afternoon: go sightseeing around London

  1. Take snaps at London’s best selfie spots, including Tower Bridge, The Shard and Buckingham Palace.
  2. Embark on London’s River Bus, Uber Boat by Thames Clippers, for a cheap river tour and unparalleled views of the capital.

What is the best month to go to London?

The best time to visit London is March through May when the temperatures are mild and the city’s parks are green and blooming. However, late spring – along with summer – is also prime tourist season, and hotel and flight prices reflect the surge.

How long should I visit London?

If you are visiting for the first time, we recommend spending at least 3-4 days in London. This will allow you to see the main landmarks and visit a few tourist attractions. If you also plan to take day trips and see some of the UK from London, then plan to stay for at least a week.

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How can I spend 7 days in London?

Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square

  1. Buckingham Palace.
  2. St. Paul’s Cathedral.
  3. Trafalgar square.
  4. The Big Ben, the House of Parliament.
  5. Westminster Abbey.
  6. Hampton Court Palace.
  7. Kew Gardens.
  8. Pulteney Bridge.

How can I spend 10 days in London?

10 Days in London: How to Plan Your Itinerary

  1. Day 1: Arrival.
  2. Day 2: Explore the Southbank.
  3. Day 3: Across Millennium Bridge.
  4. Day 4: Beyond Platform 9&¾
  5. Day 5: In London’s Great Museums.
  6. Day 6: A Day out of London in Brighton.
  7. Day 7: Live Like Royalty.
  8. Day 8: South of the River.