Where is Brokenwind UK?

The Hamlet of Brokenwind is located near the village of Newmachar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It was voted third ‘worst place names’ in the British Isles in 2012.

Is Brokenwind a real place?

However, Christian confirmed that Brokenwind is indeed real and is a little hamlet in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He also revealed that he looked at other place names outside of the UK.

Is there a village called Scratchy Bottom?

Scratchy Bottom is a cliff-top valley in rural Dorset, near the village of Chaldon Herring. The valley’s name is thought to refer to the fact it is a rough and rugged hollow.

Is wetwang a real place?

Wetwang is a Yorkshire Wolds village and civil parish in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It is situated 6 miles (10 kilometres) west of Driffield on the A166 road.

Where is Fattiehead in Scotland?

Starting in bonnie Scotland; just north of Aberdeen is “Fattiehead” and a little south from there is “Brokenwind”.

Is Scratchy Bottom a real place?

Scratchy Bottom (or Scratchy’s Bottom) is a clifftop valley between Durdle Door and Bat’s Head in Dorset, England. A dry valley in the chalk, it is surrounded by farmland at its sides and landward end, with cliffs at the seaward end. … Scratchy Bottom has been noted for its unusual place name.

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What is the most common place name in Britain?

Newport is one of the most common names found in Britain with at least 10 decent-sized towns sharing this name.

When did Durdle Door collapse?

On the 8th March 2017, the unthinkable happened to one of Malta’s most iconic natural monuments. The Azure Window, a natural limestone coastal arch, which formed the backdrop for scenes in Clash of the Titans, the Count of Monte Cristo and Game of Thrones collapsed after a violent storm.

Is there a place called shitterton?

Shitterton is a hamlet in Dorset, England. It has attracted worldwide attention for its name, which dates back at least 1000 years and means “farmstead on the stream used as an open sewer”. Shitterton has frequently been noted on lists of unusual place names.

How did Crapstone get its name?

Crapstone, Devon

Around nine miles from Plymouth, Crapstone’s name is derived from the surname of a local family who played a significant role in building a local church and golf course.

What is the weirdest city name in the world?

The 14 most ridiculously named places in the world

  1. Anus, France. Because how could the idyllic French town of Anus not be No.
  2. Pee Pee Township, Ohio. …
  3. Titty Hill, England. …
  4. Humptulips, Washington. …
  5. Muff, Ireland. …
  6. Middelfart, Denmark. …
  7. Twatt, Scotland. …
  8. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales. …

Who lived in wetwang?

In 1870, Wetwang was home to four joiners and wheelwrights, four blacksmiths, three boot and shoemakers, one rope maker, one corn miller, a doctor, two innkeepers, three carriers, three butchers, a saddler, three tailors, a vet, a schoolmaster, a clergyman, twelve farmers, three grocers and three dressmakers!

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What does the name wetwang mean?

Wetwang is a Yorkshire Wolds village that sits on a busy main road along the coast. Debate surrounds the origins of its name; it means either “field for the trial of a legal action” or just “wet field”.

What is the funniest town in UK?

Bromsgrove in Worcestershire is home to the funniest people in Britain, a poll of 26,000 singletons has found. The poll found that the town, which has a population of 30,000 people, has the most jokers-per-head in the UK.

What Anglo-Saxon place names still exist today?

We can spot many other Anglo-Saxon words in modern day place names in Britain today. Examples include: “Leigh” or “Ley” – meaning a forest clearing – Henley, Morley, Chorley. “Bury” – meaning a fortified place – Bury, Shaftesbury, Newbury.

What is a very British name?

British boy names popular in England and beyond include Felix, Leo, Duncan, Ellis, Harvey, Jasper, Lewis, Luca, Rex, and Trevor. Other, more unique British names that may sound a bit too posh to American ears right now include Barnaby, Crispin, Giles, and Tarquin.