Which club in London has the most fans?

Which London club has most fans?

There are 15 Football Clubs in the city. London as a whole does not support anybody. There are more non-football fans in London than Football fans. The most popular clubs are Arsenal, Chelsea ant Tottenham.

Which London club has the biggest fan base?

1. Manchester United. Of course, the Premier League team with the largest, widest-reaching fan base is Manchester United. In 2012 the Telegraph reported that, according to a survey, United had doubled their fan base during a five-year period—amassing an incredible 659 million fans.

Who is biggest club in London?

Arsenal has the most trophies in London and forever the biggest club in London.

Which England club has the most fans?

When it comes to popularity in the UK, no EPL team is more famous than Liverpool. The Reds are the favorite club for 46% of football fans in England, Wales and Scotland. Manchester United are second while Arsenal are third. Around the world, Liverpool rank third in terms of popularity.

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Is Chelsea bigger than Arsenal?

Arsenal still biggest club in London despite Chelsea FC winning Champions League, says Jamie O’Hara. A rsenal are still the biggest club in London despite Chelsea’s latest Champions League win, insists former Tottenham player Jamie O’Hara.

Which team is the pride of London?

Welcome to The Pride of London, the Chelsea FC news and opinions site brought to you by the FanSided Network. The Pride of London is dedicated to providing top-notch Chelsea FC news, views, and original content.

Who has more fans Spurs or Arsenal?

A survey in 2018 indicates that most Tottenham fans considered Arsenal their biggest rival, followed by Chelsea and West Ham, however, fans of Arsenal, Chelsea and West Ham all regarded Tottenham their biggest Premier League rival.

Who has the biggest support in London?

It’s clear from these figures that London’s two biggest teams are Arsenal and Chelsea. Deciding which one comes top depends on how much importance you place on either support or success. Arsenal have had more success over the years than any of their local rivals.

What is London oldest football club?

The FA Cup

  • London’s oldest professional football club is Fulham FC, which is usually considered to have been founded (in amateur form) in 1879. …
  • West Ham United began as Thames Ironworks FC in 1895.

Who is the best club in London?

Top 10 London clubs in 2021

  • Fabric. Experience one of the capital’s most famous clubbing spots with a visit to Fabric in Farringdon. …
  • Heaven. A post shared by Koji T (@shitakkene) on Sep 8, 2017 at 11:51pm PDT. …
  • Cargo. View this post on Instagram. …
  • Ministry of Sound. …
  • Printworks London. …
  • Studio 338. …
  • XOYO. …
  • Electric Brixton.
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Which Premier League team has the biggest fan base?

Liverpool is the most popular Premier League club in the UK in 2021: 46 percent of respondents say that they like or love the club.

Which team has the largest fan base?

Spaniards dominate and FC Chelsea loses positions. While the teams hardly recruit any new Facebook fans, TikTok continues to gain in importance. Neymar’s Club Paris Saint-Germain is one of the most popular in social media. The European Cup season 2020/21 is about to end.

Which Premier League team has the best fans?

Manchester United is the most supported football club in the world.