Who is in charge of the Northern Ireland Assembly?

Who is the current speaker of the NI Assembly?

Alex Maskey MLA was elected as the Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly on 11 January 2020. As Speaker he performs three main roles: procedural, corporate and representational.

What is the difference between NI Assembly and NI Executive?

The Assembly is the devolved legislature, which means it makes the laws for Northern Ireland. The Executive is the devolved Government of Northern Ireland, which runs Northern Ireland on a day to basis. It provides our public services and implements laws passed by the Assembly.

Who are the ministers in the Northern Ireland Assembly?

Executive Ministers

  • First Minister. Mr Paul Givan. The Executive Office. …
  • junior Minister. Mr Gary Middleton. The Executive Office. …
  • Minister. Mrs Naomi Long. Department of Justice. …
  • Minister. Mr Conor Murphy. Department of Finance. …
  • Minister. Mr Edwin Poots. …
  • Minister. Ms Nichola Mallon.

How is the NI Assembly made up?

The Assembly is the legislature, or law-making body for Northern Ireland, made up of 90 Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), elected by the people to represent their views and make laws on their behalf. It meets in the Assembly Chamber of Parliament Buildings, in the grounds of the Stormont Estate in Belfast.

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Who is the deputy speaker NI Assembly?

Principal Officers and Officials

Office of The Speaker
Principal Deputy Speaker Christopher Stalford MLA
Deputy Speakers Roy Beggs MLA
Patsy McGlone MLA
The Assembly Commission

Who controls Northern Ireland?

Since 1998, Northern Ireland has had devolved government within the United Kingdom, presided over by the Northern Ireland Assembly and a cross-community government (the Northern Ireland Executive). The UK Government and UK Parliament are responsible for reserved and excepted matters.

Which party governs Northern Ireland?

Sinn Féin, currently the biggest of the nationalist parties in Northern Ireland, has campaigned for a broadening of the franchise of Northern Ireland voters to allow them to vote in elections to choose the President of Ireland.

Who makes up the Northern Ireland Executive?

The Northern Ireland Executive Committee runs the devolved government in Northern Ireland. It is made up of the First Minister, the deputy First Minister, two Junior Ministers and eight other government ministers.

Who is the MLA for North Down?

North Down (Assembly constituency)

North Down
Created 1973
Seats 6 (1996–2016) 5 (2017–)
MLAs Alan Chambers (UUP) Stephen Dunne (DUP) Alex Easton (Independent Unionist) Andrew Muir (APNI) Rachel Woods (GP)
Districts Ards and North Down Borough Council

How many members are in the Northern Ireland Assembly?

The public elect 90 Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). There are five MLAs elected to each of the 18 constituencies across Northern Ireland. The Assembly is chaired by a Speaker and three deputy Speakers.

Who is the MLA for East Antrim?

East Antrim (Assembly constituency)

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East Antrim
Created 1996
Seats 6 (1996–2016) 5 (2017–)
MLAs Roy Beggs Jr (UUP) Stewart Dickson (APNI) David Hilditch (DUP) Gordon Lyons (DUP) John Stewart (UUP)
Districts Mid and East Antrim Borough Council Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council

Does NI have a government?

As of 2019, the House consists of 650 members, however one seat is left vacant by the Speaker of the House, who must remain politically impartial, and so does not get a vote on the passing of bills. Each Member of Parliament (MP) is chosen by a single constituency by the First-Past-the-Post electoral system.