You asked: Do British people learn other languages?

If we look at those who can read and write in at least three languages, the UK is still far behind. Only 8% of UK young people can do what 88% of Luxembourgish, 77% of Latvian and 62% of Maltese young people can do. So what are the difficulties Britons face when learning other languages? Here are a few of the basics.

Do British people know multiple languages?

Brits are famous for not speaking foreign languages. … 62% of people surveyed can’t speak any other language apart from English. 38% of Britons speak at least one foreign language, 18% speak two and only 6% of the population speak three or more.

Do English people learn other languages?

In a sense, native speakers of English are lucky; since they speak the world’s most-popularly-learned language natively, they don’t have to make an effort to learn other languages. The downside is that since English speakers don’t have to learn foreign languages, they generally don’t learn any at all.

What languages do British learn?

But now, Brits are finally expanding their horizons beyond the languages of Europe, to China, the Arab world, and Latin America. While French remains the most-studied language among secondary school students in the UK, its popularity is falling dramatically.

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Why are British people bad at learning languages?

Why are the Brits bad at language learning? … English is often taught to children in other countries early on in their education, allowing them to achieve a greater level of fluency at younger ages, causing British school pupils to fall behind linguistically.

Which country speaks least languages?

There are about 7,000 languages that are spoken in the world. Of these, fifty are considered global languages, meaning that they are spoken from a global perspective.

The Least Linguistically Diverse Countries in the World.

Rank Country Linguistic Diversity Index (Source: UNESCO)
1 Saint Helena
2 Vaitican City
3 Montenegro
4 Bermuda

Are Brits bilingual?

Brits are famous for not speaking foreign languages. … 38% of Britons speak at least one foreign language, 18% speak two and only 6% of the population speak three or more.

Why don t British learn foreign languages?

Students with low-level or even moderate English skills have been directed to remedial classes rather than being asked to learn a foreign language. … There are too many other languages to learn and knowing which language would be relevant is difficult for the British.

Do British only speak English?

The de facto official language of the United Kingdom is English, which is spoken by approximately 59.8 million residents, or 98% of the population, over the age of three. (According to 2011 census data, 864,000 people in England and Wales reported speaking little or no English.)

How many French are bilingual?

In Quebec, there were almost 3.6 million bilingual people in 2016. This is an increase of 7.7%, or close to 260,000 people, compared with 2011.

The growth of English–French bilingualism comes mostly from Quebec.

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New Brunswick
number 245,890
percent 1.7

Is French useful in UK?

France, much like Germany, is one of the UK’s closest trading and business partners. … On average, £32,000 is taken home per year by those who work with French. Outside of the business world, French is also the most popular second language at UK schools, so you could always get a good job in the world of education.

Is Spanish useful in the UK?

Spanish is the most important foreign language for the future of the UK, a new study by the British Council argues. … Spanish came out top in the analysis, with the top five of foreign languages being rounded out by Arabic, French, Mandarin Chinese and German.

What is England’s main language?

United Kingdom

French, German, and Spanish are taught in most schools, but the UK Government does not mandate the teaching of particular languages. In England, all local authority-run schools must teach at least one foreign language to pupils between the ages of 7 and 14.