You asked: Who is Scotland’s most senior judge?

The Lord Justice General is the head of the College of Justice and is Scotland’s most senior judge. He or she holds two titles: the Lord President of the Court of Session; and the Lord Justice General (in relation to the High Court of Justiciary).

Who is the highest judge in Scotland?


The Lord President of the Court of Session and Lord Justice General is the most senior judge in Scotland, the head of the judiciary, and the presiding judge of the College of Justice, the Court of Session, and the High Court of Justiciary.

Who is the senior most judge?

Justice N. V. Ramana is the 48th Chief Justice of India.

List of Judges ordered by seniority.

Sr. No. 1
Name N. V. Ramana (Chief Justice of India)
Gender Male
Date of Appointment 17 February 2014 (7 years, 283 days)
Date of Retirement 26 August 2022 (−272 days)

Who is the Lord Justice General in Scotland?

Colin John MacLean Sutherland, Lord Carloway QC PC (born 20 May 1954), is a Scottish advocate and judge. He is currently Lord President of the Court of Session and Lord Justice General, the most senior judge of the Supreme Courts of Scotland and head of the Scottish Judiciary.

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Who is the most senior judge in the UK?

The current Lord Chief Justice, The Right Honourable The Lord Burnett of Maldon is the Head of the Judiciary of England and Wales and the President of the Courts of England and Wales.

How many judges are in Scotland?

Scotland’s sheriffs deal with most civil and criminal cases. There are 6 sheriffdoms, each administered by a sheriff principal.

Judiciary of Scotland.

Agency overview
Headquarters Judicial Office for Scotland, Parliament House, Edinburgh, EH1 1RQ
Annual budget £51.7 million (2013-14)

What is the highest civil Court in Scotland?

The Court of Session in Edinburgh is the highest civil court in Scotland. Cases that are worth less than £100,000 cannot be raised in the Court of Session but have to be raised in the sheriff court.

Who is the most senior Supreme Court justice?

Associate justices have seniority in order of the date their respective commissions bear, although the chief justice is always considered to be the most senior of all the justices.

What is the Article 217?

Overview of Article 217 (1):

Appointment and conditions of the office of a Judge of a High Court: … (c) the office of a Judge shall be vacated by his being appointed by the President to be a Judge of the Supreme Court or by his being transferred by the President to any other High Court within the territory of India.

Which is the oldest high court in the country?

The Calcutta High Court is the oldest high court in the country, established on 2 July 1862.

High courts.

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Court Bombay High Court
Established 14 August 1862
Jurisdiction Goa, Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu, Maharashtra
Principal seat Mumbai

Are Scottish judges Lords?

In relation to the judiciary, this title (often shortened to Hon) is given to judges who sit in the Supreme Courts in Scotland. Such a judge is referred to as The Honourable Lord/Lady followed by their surname, for example, The Honourable Lord Smith.

Is Sheriff a judge?

The legal cases which are heard within the Courts are dealt with by a Sheriff. A Sheriff is a Judge who is usually assigned to work in a specific Court, although some work as ‘floating Sheriffs’, who may work anywhere in Scotland.

What is a red robe judge?

High Court judges are sometimes known as “red judges” because of their colourful robes, but their dress codes are actually more complex than that. Red robes are usually worn only by judges dealing with criminal cases.

Who is the boss of judges?

A chief judge (also known as chief justice, presiding judge, president judge or administrative judge) is the highest-ranking or most senior member of a court or tribunal with more than one judge. The chief judge commonly presides over trials and hearings.

Who is the most powerful judge?

Love him or hate him, US Supreme Court chief justice John Roberts is the most powerful judge in the nation.