Your question: Is UK Passport blue or black?

Prior to the late 80s, British passports were blue in color, as they are now. However, since the blue passport inception in 1921, there have been a number of interesting variations on the blue color, but the British passport has never been black.

Is the UK passport black?

Replacing the burgundy-coloured European Union document, the new UK passport has been described as a return to the “traditional colour”. … When we had the passports before they were black. And now they’re black again. We’ve literally never had blue passports!

What Colour is a UK passport?

Current issue British passports are navy blue.

What does blue passport mean?

The blue passports are also called regular passports, ordinary passports or tourist passports. They have a blue cover and are issued to most of the US citizens with the goal to travel abroad. … Simple blue passports are issued by all US passport agencies.

What is burgundy passport?

There are also political reasons; the whole of the EU uses burgundy. The British passport was burgundy until the U.K. government changed to dark blue for all new passports after March 2020 following the Brexit vote. Turkey, conversely, who wants to join the EU, changed its passport from black to burgundy in 2010.

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Can I apply for blue passport?

How can I get my blue passport? As is always with getting a new passport, you will have to rescind your old one to the Home Office. You can try your hand at getting a blue passport by going through the usual channels you would getting a maroon one.

What color is American passport?

Currently, U.S. passports are the same shade of blue as the star field in the American flag. That said, there are other types of passports issued by the United States Department of State that are not blue. For example, passports for U.S. officials carrying out official government duties are a reddish-brown color.

What is red passport?

Maroon, or a deep reddish color, is the color of the passport for many countries that are members of the European Union. … China issues a red diplomatic passport to the government official traveling abroad. In this case, it is believed that red represents the communist government.

What is black passport?

Diplomatic passports are issued to government officials and their families who have been sent abroad to attend congresses and conferences. It is black, has 28 pages and is exempt from any fees.

What is Indian red passport?

In India, the diplomatic passport is issued to individuals who have a diplomatic status in the country or who are travelling abroad on official duty for the Government of India. The diplomatic passport has a different cover which is maroon in color.

What is white passport?

White passports are issued to individuals representing the Indian government in official business. The application process for an official passport is different from that of the regular blue passport. While passport holders also get some special powers in addition to the regular rules and regulations.

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How strong is UK passport?

As per these records, the British passport is currently ranked as the 7th powerful passport in the world. British passport provides visa-free access to 190 countries.

U.K. passport is 7th most powerful in the world.

U.K. passport ranking Number of Destinations
Visa online 8
Visa required 31

Are new UK passports black?

Official statements from Her Majesty’s Passport Office reveal that the new passports are definitely blue (albeit a darker blue than the public initially believed) with gold embossing. “Britons have been used to the old, burgundy passports for many years”, a spokesperson for the passport office said.

Does the Queen have a passport?

The Queen does not need a passport to travel overseas, because British passports are actually issued on behalf of the Queen. The Royal Family website explains: “As a British passport is issued in the name of Her Majesty, it is unnecessary for The Queen to possess one.”