Your question: What is the most northern point in Northern Ireland?

What is the northernmost point in Northern Ireland?

The most northerly point is Inishtrahull Island, situated in the Atlantic Ocean 7 km north of Inishowen Peninsula, county Donegal. It lies at latitude 55.43ºN.

Where is the most northerly point in Ireland?

Malin Head is the northernmost point of the island of Ireland. Malin is located at the top of Ireland and Inishowen peninsula.

What is Irelands lowest point?

Geography of Ireland

Continent Europe
Highest point Carrauntoohil 1,041 meters (3,415 ft)
Lowest point North Slob −3 meters (−10 ft)
Longest river River Shannon 360.5 km (224.0 mi)
Largest lake Lough Neagh 392 km2 (151 sq mi)

Is Mizen Head the most southerly point in Ireland?

The villages of Ballydehob, Crookhaven, Goleen, and Schull are located on the peninsula to the east. Mizen Head is not the most southerly point on the mainland of Ireland; nearby Brow Head holds that title, being several metres further south.

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What is the most northern point of the UK?

John o’Groats, village—near Dunnet Head, the northernmost point of mainland Great Britain—in the Highland council area, historic county of Caithness, Scotland.

What is the northernmost point in the UK?

Dunnet Head is the most northerly point of the UK mainland, 2.35 miles further north than John O Groats.

Where in Ireland is Malin Head?

Malin Head (Irish: Cionn Mhálanna) is located on the Inishowen Peninsula, County Donegal, Ireland and is the most northerly point of mainland Ireland. The northernmost tip is the headland called Dúnalderagh and is located at latitude 55.38ºN. Malin Head gives its name to the Malin sea area.

What is the flattest county in Ireland?

Claim to fame: Kildare, officially Ireland’s flattest county, has put its modest topography to good use. The world’s finest racing horses are bred here on the lush green plains of the Curragh and beyond.

Where is the Centre of Northern Ireland?

The geographic centre of Northern Ireland lies in cattle and dairy country between Cookstown and Stewartstown, in County Tyrone. Links to more N Ireland stories are at the foot of the page.

What is the poorest county in Ireland?

Donegal remains the poorest county in the Republic, according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO). Disposable income per head (income after tax available for spending) in the county was €13,928 in 2002, compared with €18,850 for Dublin, which, not surprisingly, is the wealthiest county.

What is the richest county in Ireland?

The Dublin NUTS3 region (Dublin city and county) had the highest average disposable income per person in 2018. At €24,969 it was 17.4% higher than the state average of €21,270 and approximately 5.7% higher than the 2017 figure of €23,621.

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How did Ireland get its nickname?

Emerald Isle is the poetic name for Ireland due to its green countryside, first referred to in print by William Drennan in his poem “When Erin first rose”.

What is the most central point in Ireland?

The geographical centre of Ireland, according to the Irish Ordnance Survey, is in the townland of Carnagh East (Irish: An Charnach Thoir), County Roscommon on the western shore of Lough Ree, where the 8° Meridian West meets the 53°30′ North Latitude.

What is the capital of Ulster?

The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. The largest city in Northern Ireland Belfast has a population of 270,000 with 600,000 in the inner city and wider metropolitan area.

Which is further west Ireland or Portugal?

The text states that the most Westerly point of Europe (not just mainland) is in Ireland, yet the image shows it as being in Portugal. I’ve consulted an atlas, and the lines of longitude clearly show that Ireland indeed has the most westerly point.