Do London taxis accept card payments?

All taxi drivers must accept card and contactless payments via the approved TfL fixed card payment device located in the passenger compartment and provide printed receipts for those payments upon request. Handheld payment devices do not meet the licensing requirements and are regarded as unapproved devices.

Do taxis in London take debit cards?

London cabs fares and tips

All black cabs accept payment by credit or debit card, and there is no surcharge on the taxi fare for card payment. … You can tip taxi drivers as much as you like, but most people round up to the nearest pound.

Can I pay for a taxi with a debit card?

Although cash has always been the usual method of payment for London’s famous black cabs, from October 2016 you will be able to take a ride in any of the 20k+ licensed iconic vehicles and pay using your credit or debit card.

Are London cabs cash only?

Although many of London’s black taxis have accepted cards for years, cash has remained the standard form of payment. From Monday all taxis will have to carry a card payment device, ending uncertainty for customers about how they will be able to pay.

Do London taxis take contactless?

All of London’s black cabs are now contactless, letting passengers pay for any journey using a compatible credit or debit card. … Passengers will no longer have to pay a surcharge on their taxi fare, which was previously £1 or 10 per cent, whichever was greater.

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Do taxis have to take credit cards?

Bottom line. Most taxi companies in large cities are required to accept credit cards as a payment method. In some cases, the driver may be reluctant to accept your card or simply claim the terminal is broken. However, this may be a violation of local law, depending on where you are.

Are taxis contactless?

With contactless, all your ride has to do is tap your machine with their card. If it’s successful a green light will pop up while the payment’s processed and if it’s declined a message will show to let you know. After that, everything works the same as chip and PIN payments.

Why do taxi drivers prefer cash?

Why Cabbies Prefer Cash Payments

Although you may think you have a right as a customer to pay with the most convenient form of payment, know that the reason why taxi drivers don’t want to charge your card is because many cab companies charge them a fee for using the machines.

Do you tip cabbies in London?

It is polite to tip 10 to 15% of the taxi fare for black cabs and licensed minicabs in London. However, most people simply round up the fare to the nearest £1 and tell the driver to “keep the change”.

Do London taxis take Apple pay?

Apple Pay, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express are all accepted under the scheme, which is being supported by OOH ads and in-car tip-seat posters.