Does Ireland have swimming beaches?

There are ample coastal swimming locations around the country, and other activities such as paddle boarding, sea kayaking, and boating are all very popular. Ireland has many popular and famous beaches, such as Inch Beach in Co Kerry, Dog’s Bay Beach in Co Galway, and Barley Cove Beach in Co Cork.

Is there anywhere to swim in Ireland?

Annagh Bay, Achill Island, Co Mayo

Tucked away, completely out of sight, Annagh Bay has to be one of the most breath-taking sea swimming spots in Ireland. Sitting adjacent to Ireland’s lowest corrie, with its white sand and turquoise waters there are few places on the planet more inviting!!

Is it ever warm enough to swim in Ireland?

The warmer weather and brighter evenings will see more people spending time outdoors and around water. … Irish waters rarely exceed 15C, making them cold enough year-round to trigger cold water shock, which causes the instinctive reaction to gasp and swim hard, which can quickly lead to drowning.

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Do people go to beach in Ireland?

With over 3,000 km of coastline, Ireland is home to some of the most stunning beaches. From secluded bathers’ coves to stretches of exposed shoreline, there’s something here for every beach-goer. Here are my seven favourite beaches on the Emerald Isle. This is one for the surfers.

Can the Irish swim?

Study reveals: 20% of people in Ireland can’t swim; 30% are “not confident” in water. … But we should also be aware of overestimating our abilities, especially since we are at the peak time of the year for swimming. While drownings are less common than they once were, the figure is still too high.

Is it safe to swim in lakes in Ireland?

Mostly when you think of swimming outdoors it’s the sea you imagine, but there are lakes in Ireland where it’s possible to swim, and those on the map below are safe and clean and most have life guards on duty during the Summer months.

Where is the warmest water in Ireland?

The warmest water in the vicinity of Ireland is usually to be found in the south-west, near the coasts of Kerry and Cork; the sea is coldest, on the other hand, off the coast of Antrim, the temperature difference between those two zones being usually about 2 or 3 Celsius.

How cold is the ocean in Ireland?

Sea water temperature throughout Ireland is not yet warm enough for swimming and does not exceed 20°C. The warmest sea temperature in Ireland today is 12.5°C (in Dublin), and the coldest water temperature is 10.1°C (Portmarnock).

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Can you swim in Ireland in July?

* in at least part of the area.

Swimming in Ireland by month.

Month Jul.
sea temperature 57°F to 61°F
Our opinion cold swimming*
Details Sea temperature in Ireland in july

How cold is the sea in Ireland?

Sea temperatures off the Irish coast range from an average of 10°C off the south-west coast to less than 7°C off the north-east coast during February, and from 16°C in the south to 13°C in the north Irish Sea in August. Highest and lowest temperatures occur somewhat later in the year at sea than over land.

Does Ireland have black beaches?

Black Sand Beach

The black sand beach in Ireland has beautiful black sand, against glittering water, especially at the time of sunset. The beach has lots of tourists of all nations.

Are there sandy beaches in Ireland?

There’s no need to head abroad for a beach break. There are some beautiful stretches of sand up and down Ireland’s coast, from Dublin and Sligo to Cork. Even if the weather’s not great, all that dreary rain just keeps the clifftops green and the crowds at bay.

Does Ireland have warm beaches?

While not known for having the warmest or sunniest weather, Ireland’s best beaches are so lovely, you won’t mind spending a day frolicking on the shore – even when it’s wet. From soft, tan sand to rugged coral bases, the top beaches in Ireland have a lot to offer beach lovers of all types.

How radioactive is the Irish Sea?

This includes a cocktail of over 30 alpha, beta and gamma radionuclides. BNFL admits that radioactive discharges in the 1970’s were 100 times those of today. As a result of these discharges, which include around half a tonne of plutonium, the Irish Sea has become the most radioactively contaminated sea in the world.

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Is swimming in the Irish Sea good for you?

Physical benefits

“Swimming in the sea boosts your immune system; cold water boosts the white blood cell count as the body is forced to react to changing conditions. Over time, your body becomes better at mobilizing its defences,” she said. The sea also delivers that highly sought-after endorphin rush.

Should I shower after swimming in the sea?

Elevated levels of ABRs on the skin lasted for six hours post-swim, according to the study To reduce the risk of skin infections, it’s best to shower shortly after you’ve been in the ocean. Much like with showering post-workout, a shower after the ocean washes away bacterium.