Frequent question: Is Bexley London a good place to live?

One of the safest and cheapest boroughs in the whole of London, this leafy south-eastern spot is a prime choice for families and retired couples looking for a quiet space to settle.

Is Bexley a nice place to live?

But Bexley is more than its below average house prices, it also has a huge number of parks and was one of the safest places to live in London in 2018. Bexley was once part of Kent and while some of its residents still identify as being from there, it’s officially been a London borough since 1963.

Is Bexley a safe area?

Bexley Crime Overview

Bexley is among the top 5 safest cities in London, and is among the top 5 safest overall out of London’s 33 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Bexley in 2020 was 63 crimes per 1,000 people.

What is Bexley famous for?

Danson House and the surrounding Danson Park in Welling are two of the main popular attractions in the London Borough of Bexley.

Does Bexley fall under London?

listen)) is a London borough in south-east London, forming part of Outer London. … The London Borough of Bexley is within the Thames Gateway, an area designated as a national priority for urban regeneration. The local authority is Bexley London Borough Council.

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Is Bexley Heath rough?

Bexley is one of London’s safest boroughs but it still has its dangerous parts. It had London’s fifth lowest violent crime rate last year, according to Metropolitan Police data from November 2017 to November 2018.

Which London area is the best to live?

Where Are The Best Places to Live in London?

  • Bexley. Bexley is one of the most affordable parts of London. …
  • Camden. Camden is renowned throughout the UK for its vibrant arts scene and bustling market. …
  • Richmond. …
  • Camden. …
  • Hampstead. …
  • Highgate. …
  • Shoreditch. …
  • Bethnal Green.

Is Bexley borough in London or Kent?

The London Borough of Bexley is in south-east London. It’s within the Thames Gateway, an area designated as a national priority for urban regeneration. The borough covers 23 square miles, stretching from the Thames in the north to Kent in the south.

What is the crime rate in Havering?

The overall crime rate in Havering in 2020 was 64 crimes per 1,000 people. This compares favourably to London’s overall crime rate, coming in 36% lower than the London rate of 87 per 1,000 residents.

What zone is Bexley?

Lying at the heart of Bexley town centre in southeast London, Bexley station sits within London Travelcard Zone 6, and serves Dartford, Gravesend and Lewisham to the east, and Cannon Street and Charing Cross to the west.

Why is Bexley called Bexley?

Bexley, Ohio is a suburb of the city of Columbus and like many American towns was named after its British predecessor. The name was a suggestion by early resident, Mr Kilbourne, who had family routes in Bexley, England.

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Why is welling called Welling?

Etymology. Local legend has it that Welling is so called because in the era of horse-drawn vehicles it could be said you were “well in” to Kent, or had a “well end” to the journey up and down Shooters Hill which, at the time was steep, had a poor road surface and was a notorious haunt of highwaymen.

When was Bexleyheath Shopping Centre built?

In 2018 Bexley’s population was 247,258 people, the 24th largest London borough, an increase of 28,501 (13.03%) since 2001.

Are Bexley and Bexleyheath the same place?

Bexleyheath is a town in south-east London, England, located in the historic county of Kent. … Bexleyheath is located 12 miles (19.3 km) south-east of Charing Cross, and forms part of the London Borough of Bexley. It is identified in the London Plan as one of 35 major centres in London.

What areas does Bexley borough cover?

Within the borough are such areas as (roughly from north to south) Thamesmead, Abbey Wood, Belvedere, Erith, Northumberland Heath, East Wickham, Welling, Bexleyheath, Barnehurst, Crayford, Blackfen, Blendon, Bridgen, Bexley, Halfway Street, Longlands, North Cray, Sidcup, and Foots Cray. Hall Place, Bexley, London.