How far is London to Middlesbrough?

It takes an average of 2h 53m to travel from London to Middlesbrough by train, over a distance of around 217 miles (349 km).

What is the distance from London to Middlesbrough?

The distance from London to Middlesbrough is 217 miles. The road distance is 250 miles.

How long is the drive from Middlesbrough to London?

Yes, the driving distance between Middlesbrough to London is 245 miles. It takes approximately 4h 10m to drive from Middlesbrough to London.

Is Nottingham close to Middlesbrough?

The distance between Middlesbrough and Nottingham is 113 miles. The road distance is 128.6 miles.

Is Middlesbrough a good place to live?

According to Love Middlesbrough, which promotes the town as “a fantastic place to live, learn, work, invest, visit, shop and play”, the place is changing. Investment means the town will be taken “to a whole new level”, the organisation says, with new jobs, more leisure opportunities and better homes and schools.

What is the population of Middlesbrough?

Middlesbrough’s current population was estimated to be 140,398 in 2016 by the Office of National Statistics (Mid-year population estimates 2016). With a total area of 5,387 hectares, Middlesbrough is the smallest and second most densely-populated local authority area in the north east.

How far is Middlesbrough from London train?

Middlesbrough to London Kings Cross by train

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Journey time From 3h 14m
Distance 216 miles (347 km)
Frequency 2 trains per day
First train 06:08
Last train 07:08

Where is Teesside in England?

Teesside (/ˈtiːz. saɪd/) is a built-up area around the River Tees in the north of England, split between County Durham and North Yorkshire. The name was initially used as a county borough in the North Riding of Yorkshire.