Question: How many Irish schools are in Ireland?

How many schools are in Ireland?

There are 729 post-primary schools in Ireland comprising 383 voluntary secondary schools (52.6% of total), 254 vocational schools and community colleges (34.8% of total), and 92 community and comprehensive schools (12.6% of total). There are 356,107 pupils enrolled in these schools, taught by 26,185 teachers.

How many secondary schools are in Ireland?

The Department of Education and Skills regulates the organization of secondary education, including the curriculum, the organization of schools, and the enrollment process. There are currently 723 secondary schools in Ireland (2011/12 statistics [6]).

How many Gaeltacht schools are there in Ireland?

There are 31 Gaelcholáistí and 17 second-level Irish language units (aonaid Ghaeilge) on the island of Ireland, attended by over 12,000 students. Close to 4,000 further students receive their second level education through Irish in the Gaeltacht.

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How many Catholic schools are in Ireland?

As of 2021 of the national total of 3,126 standard schools, 2760 (88%) had Catholic patrons, 172 (5.7%) were controlled by the Church of Ireland, 1% were controlled by other religious organisations while 168 (5.4%) were controlled by organisations which were not affiliated with any particular religion.

Is Ireland a rich or poor country?

In terms of GDP per capita, Ireland is ranked as one of the wealthiest countries in the OECD and the EU-27, at 4th in the OECD-28 rankings. In terms of GNP per capita, a better measure of national income, Ireland ranks below the OECD average, despite significant growth in recent years, at 10th in the OECD-28 rankings.

How many schools are there in 2020 in Ireland?

Below you can find details for 3,300 Primary schools in Ireland and links to the Assessments from the Department of Education. They are further split up into local council areas. Click here for secondary schools. Note: Many schools are listed by their Irish name as per Department of Education records.

What is the smallest school in Ireland?

IRELAND’S smallest national school has doubled its size – to just two pupils. Scoil Aoife opened its doors in Tallaght, Dublin, for the first time last week for a single child, Ella Gilsenan (4), who completed her first week at ‘big school’ alone.

What is 7th grade in Ireland?

Ireland. The Irish equivalent to seventh grade is First Year, which is the first year of secondary education. Students are usually 12–13 years old.

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How many special schools are in Ireland?

There are over 140 special schools catering for particular types of disability and special needs.

How many Irish-medium schools are there in Ireland?

Number of Irish-medium schools

Of the 30 schools, 28 are primary and two are post primary.. Of the 10 Irish-medium units attached to English-medium host schools, 7 are primary and 3 are post-primary.

How many Irish secondary schools are there in Ireland?

Of the 735 secondary schools registered with the Department of Education in 2016, just 48 are fully Irish-medium.

What is the best gaelscoil in Ireland?

A Dublin Gaelscoil has named the best school in Ireland

  • Holy Faith Secondary School, Clontarf, Dublin 3 (Girls) – 91.3%
  • Muckross Park College, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 (Girls) – 90.1%
  • The Teresian School, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 (Girls) – 90%
  • St Gerard’s School, Bray, Co Wicklow (Mixed) – 89%

Are there Protestant schools in Ireland?

Schools such as Kilkenny College and Monaghan Collegiate remain more than 90 per cent Protestant. The boarders at Dundalk Grammar School are almost all Protestant, while the day pupils are mostly Catholic.

How many secondary schools in Ireland are Catholic?

This growth has been led by multi-denominational schools, which have increased by 9.7% in the last 10 years from 321 in 2009 to 352 in 2019. In the same period the number of Catholic schools has decreased by 4.7%, from 361 to 344.

How many schools in Ireland are run by the church?

As the numbers of religious decline, the new millennium may herald significant changes in the relationship between Catholicism and education in Ireland. At present, some 95 per cent of the State’s 3,000-plus national schools are Catholic-owned, with a Catholic ethos which includes sacramental instruction.

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