Quick Answer: What do they call cell phones in England?

6 Answers. In the UK, we use mobile and/or phone, and perhaps even mobi/moby (though I’ve never seen it written that way outside text messages. In the US, I’ve heard of cellular phone/cell phone/cell, and in Germany they call them handies (which still makes me chuckle for no good reason).

Do they say cell phone in UK?

In the United States, a different term emerged, ‘cell phone’, short for cellular phone. Now, cell phone was tricky because some people spelled it as one word and some people spelled it as two. … But either way, people shortened the phrase to ‘cell’. And this usage is growing in the UK.

What do Europeans call cell phones?

Here’s what you need to know about using a North American cell phone in Europe or buying a cell phone that works in Europe and North America. Most Europeans prefer the term “mobile phone” or just plain “mobile.” In German-speaking Europe – Austria, Germany, and Switzerland – a mobile phone is called ein Handy.

What is the mobile phone called in your country?

In the US and Canada they are “Cell Phones” maybe just “Cells”. In the UK they are “Mobile Phones” or just “Mobiles”. That also applies in Australia and New Zealand but “Cellphone” is also used there.

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Why do Americans say mobile?

—Americans pronounce the noun mobile to rhyme with toe-heel (MOH-beel). The city in Alabama is usually pronounced MOH-beel. Sometimes it is pronounced moh-BEEL. … Its progenitor, Mobilgas, was founded in the 1920s; Americans were already pronouncing mobile to rhyme with noble.

Is cell phone 2 words?

The dictionaries also agree that “cell phone” is a two-word noun, so you’re free to hyphenate it if you’re using it as an adjective, “cell-phone manufacturer,” or not, “cell phone manufacturer.”

Do US cell phones work in Germany?

Currently, about 20% of US and Canadian-based cell phones work overseas. In Europe and many other places, cellular carriers use the GSM system. These are not universal. Some of the newer phones have the correct 900 and 1800 MHz frequencies built into them, which allow their use in Germany.

Do American cell phones work in Europe?

You can also use your American smartphone in Europe by replacing your phone’s SIM card with a SIM card of a European mobile carrier so your phone will operate on a European network. There are dozens of mobile phone carriers in Europe — which keeps the prices down and the service very competitive.

Which phone is made in Germany?

First “Made in Germany” Smartphone, the Gigaset GS185, Is Here! How Good Is It? It may not be the latest iPhone or Galaxy device, but the new Gigaset GS185 smartphone has one small selling point that its competitors can’t claim: it is “Made in Germany”.

How do you say phone in Australia?

Break ‘phone’ down into sounds: [FOHN] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them. Record yourself saying ‘phone’ in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.

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Is it CEL or cell phone?

Is it “cell phone” or “cel phone”? … It’s “cell phone.”

How do you say phone in British?

Believe it or not, ‘dog’ is a slang word for ‘phone’ – it comes from a special kind of London slang called Cockney rhyming slang… Feifei: Yes – this is a good one. Dogs like bones, and the phrase ‘dog and bone’ rhymes with ‘phone’… Dog and bone, phone!

What is the British word for elevator?

Everyone knows that for the Brits, an elevator is a “lift,” an apartment is a “flat,” and those chips you’re snacking on are actually called “crisps.” But British people also say some other really weird, confusing things. 1.