What is the default English accent?

General American English or General American (abbreviated GA or GenAm) is the umbrella accent of American English spoken by a majority of Americans and widely perceived, among Americans, as lacking any distinctly regional, ethnic, or socioeconomic characteristics.

What is the standard English accent?

Received Pronunciation (often abbreviated as RP) is the accent traditionally regarded as the standard for British English.

What is the most common accent in English?

Option 1: the American accent

The most popular English accent of them all. Spread around the world by American cinema, music, television and more than 350 million North Americans (including Canadians, eh), this is the easiest accent for most people to understand, whether native speakers or non-native speakers.

What is the most normal accent?

General American: The ‘Unmarked’ Accent

Almost a century later, there’s still no “normal” accent, but the term has survived to describe what is considered the most correct, or the unmarked, American accent.

What accent does Queen Elizabeth have?

Anyone who has heard the Queen’s speeches, will recognise her distinctive British accent. This is RP – ‘Received Pronunciation’. The 2nd June marked the 67th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.

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What accent does Emma Watson have?

Emma Watson was perfect in the Harry Potter franchise. Her natural British accent was exactly what the role of Hermione Granger needed. Unfortunately, Emma’s accent isn’t perfect for every role. When the new trailer for Little Women dropped, fans harped on Watson’s American accent.

Which accent is hardest to imitate?

The British Accent

The Great British accent proved to be the most difficult of all the accents to imitate – along with the regional Yorkshire and Cockney pronunciations, in particular.

Which English accent is hardest to understand?

There are many, very distinct, British accents. It’s true that Indian accent is the most difficult one in the world to understand.

What is the 2nd easiest accent to learn?

2. Swedish. Our second easiest language to learn also comes from Scandinavia and the Germanic family of languages.

What is the cutest accent?


  • Scottish 86%
  • Irish 77%
  • Italian 68%
  • French 61%
  • Spanish 56%
  • Brazilian Portuguese 48%
  • Queen’s English 47%
  • Australian 35%

What US state has no accent?

Idaho doesn’t have a really distinct accent. There’s no accent in Indiana. This might be very biased but I don’t think we… I really don’t think we have an accent.

Do Hawaiians have accents?

To oversimplify things slightly, the accent of Hawaii is on a spectrum from Hawaiian to General American, with Pidgin speakers somewhere in the middle and Hawaii English closer to the General American side. Hawaii residents will slide along this spectrum, depending on what they want to sound like.

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What is a clipped accent?

“Clipped” refers to speech which has short, crisp sounds; kind of a stacatto, machine gun type sound. In English, such an accent is associated with the British upper classes.

How do you speak royalty?

To get a king or queen’s attention, you should say, “Your royal highness.” Do not say “Hey you there!” or “Queenie.” You may use their first name if you happen to know it (e.g. “Elizabeth”). No nicknames, please.