Where in Scotland can you go without a car?

Where can I go without a car?

Top U.S. Cities to Navigate Without a Car

  • New York City.
  • Boston.
  • Washington, D.C.
  • San Francisco.
  • Philadelphia.
  • Los Angeles.
  • Chicago.
  • Seattle.

Where can I live in Scotland without a car?

Glasgow for its extensive rail and subway coverage. Edinburgh for the buses. Any other small cities (towns really) like Stirling where you can simply walk to get around.

Do I need a car in Fort William?

Sitting in the shadow of Ben Nevis, Fort William is the perfect base from which to explore the West Highlands, including historic Glen Coe. Furthermore, thanks to its good transport links, Fort Bill (as it is affectionately called) is a great base if you are touring Scotland without a car.

Do you need a car when visiting Edinburgh?

Hiring a car in Edinburgh is as unnecessary as it is in London. The cost of car hire, parking and fuel will put a substantial dent in your budget, and there is no need to use a car to sightsee in either of those city centres. www.lothianbuses.com is the place to start for transport in Edinburgh.

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What cities do you not need a car?

No car? San Francisco, Portland, Washington D.C., Boston, New York among best cities to live in without a vehicle

  • San Francisco.
  • Portland, Oregon.
  • Washington.
  • Boston.
  • New York.
  • Honolulu.
  • Oakland, California.
  • Providence, Rhode Island.

How do you backpack without a car?

There are plenty of options to take you from your front door to the trail without owning a car.

  1. Take the Bus or Train or Shuttle. …
  2. Cultivate a Friendship with a Car Owner. …
  3. Join a Community Group or Outdoor Organization. …
  4. Rent a Car or Join a Car Share. …
  5. There’s an App for That.

How can I explore Scotland without a car?

Travel in Scotland without a car is easy thanks to passes like the Scotrail Spirit of Scotland ticket and the frequent buses operated by First Bus and Megabus. Alternatively, you can use Scotland’s Sustrans national cycle network or hike one of the cross-country trails on the John Muir Way and the West Highland Way.

What is there to do in Fort William without a car?

11 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to Do in Fort William

  1. Climb (or Photograph) Ben Nevis. …
  2. Book a Nevis Range Mountain Experience. …
  3. Hike to Steall Falls. …
  4. Walk across Neptune’s Staircase. …
  5. Step Back in Time at Old Inverlochy Castle. …
  6. Visit the West Highland Museum. …
  7. Climb aboard the Jacobite Steam Train.

How do you get to Isle of Skye without a car?

For many travellers, the best way to visit the Isle of Skye without a car is to take a trip on the world-famous Jacobite Steam Train. If that’s you, then the Isle of Skye and the Jacobite Steam Train 3-day tour might be your perfect choice.

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What’s the best way to get around Scotland?

The best way to get around the Scottish Highlands is by car. Many of the region’s top attractions and desirable destinations are spread far apart from one another and could take a long time to reach via public transportation.


  1. CalMac Ferries.
  2. Northlink Ferries.
  3. Pentland Ferries.

Is it better to stay in Fort William or Glencoe?

I personally quite prefer Glencoe because of it’s scenic beauty and very small towns do not bother me, especially if it is only for a night or two. You could look at some menus online if it helps. But if you want loads of amenities, Fort William is definitely the way to go.

Can an American drive a car in Scotland?

Requirements. Drive in Scotland using your United States driver’s license or an international driving permit. … Although any qualified person age 18 or older can drive on public roads in the United Kingdom, rental companies require drivers to be at least 21or older.

Is it difficult to drive in Scotland?

yes it is relatively easy to drive in Scotland. We don’t have much in the way of motorways but all the “A” roads sre easy to drive on.

Can you drive down Princes Street Edinburgh?

Several key city centre streets, including Princes Street, are off-limits to private cars. Princes Street and Shandwick Place are restricted to buses, trams and taxis only and “Bus Lanes” to speed progress of public transport at peak times can slow yours in a car.

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How can I go to Scotland on a budget?

How to Visit Scotland for Cheap(er)

  1. Travel during off-peak times—and be flexible. …
  2. Plan your flights carefully. …
  3. Fly out of gateway cities. …
  4. Travel between October and May if you can. …
  5. Leave your little sister at home. …
  6. Home rentals. …
  7. Bargain. …
  8. Rent a car.