Can I take my rental car to Northern Ireland?

Vehicles are allowed to be taken to Northern Ireland, although the vehicle must be returned to the territory where it was rented. There is a charge of £125 per rental to take the vehicle to Ireland.

Can you drive a rental car into Northern Ireland?

Rental companies in both parts of Ireland usually allow their cars across the border. But do tell the car hire company if you plan to travel into the other country. … The car will then be covered for both the Republic of Ireland and the UK and you’re free to explore.

Can I take a rental car from England to Ireland?

Most car hire companies in the UK will allow a renter to take and drive a rental car to Ireland. However, please note that fees and conditions apply. Charges will depend on extra insurance and roadside assistance cover for which you will be required.

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Can I hire a car in Dublin and drive to Belfast?

Somehow many drivers keep asking: ‘Can I take a rental car from Dublin to Belfast? ‘ Sure you can! As all car hire companies allow to cross the border to Northern Ireland (the UK) only. … The distance between Dublin and Belfast is approximately 166-169 kilometers or 105 miles.

Can you take a hire car across borders?

Driving a hire car across national borders is typically possible depending on your hire car policy.

Which car hire companies allow cross border travel?

Car Hire Company Cross-border travel (Yes/No)
Avis Yes
Budget Yes
Enterprise No
Europcar Yes

Can you drive a Northern Ireland car in Ireland?

A: No, not if your main residence is in NI and that your car is registered and taxed in NI. You will only need to re-register and tax the car in Ireland if your main residence is there. … A: No, you cannot drive in N. Ireland on an Irish provisional licence/learner’s permit.

Do you need a passport to cross into Northern Ireland?

Most people need a valid passport to enter the Republic or Northern Ireland but there are some exceptions: If you’re a UK citizen, you can also use official photo identification. If you’re an EU citizen, you can also use a national identity card.

Can you take a rental car from Wales to Ireland?

Cross Border Regulations

You can drive from England to Wales or Scotland, take the ferry over to Northern Ireland, or rent in the UK and take a vehicle to the Republic of Ireland without restriction.

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Is Ireland or Northern Ireland part of the UK?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK), since 1922, comprises four constituent countries: England, Scotland, and Wales (which collectively make up Great Britain), as well as Northern Ireland (variously described as a country, province or region).

Do you need a car in Belfast?

You dont realy need a car . There are day tours that leave the city each morning for the causeway and would work out about the same cost as car hire, They will pick you up at your hotel and drop you back that night. The other day tour people like is the Kingdom of Mourne which runs Fri-Mon.

Can you take a rental car from Northern Ireland to Scotland?

Yes it is possible to take the car to Scotland/UK for an additional charge).

Do I need a green card to drive in Ireland?

You do not need to carry a green card when you drive in the EU (including Ireland), Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, and Switzerland. You still need valid vehicle insurance. You may need to carry a green card to drive in other countries, including: Albania.

Can you drive a rental car to a different country?

Most vehicles rented in the US can be driven throughout US and Canada. Some vehicle classes like Exotics, Large Passenger or Cargo Vans, and other specialty vehicles may not be allowed to travel outside of the US. Please reach to the renting location directly for details on cross-border restrictions.

Can you rent a car and leave it in another country?

Some car hire companies allow their cars to be left in a different country. They usually charge both a cross-border fee and a one-way fee. … If your plans are flexible, returning the car in the same country you picked it up from, and crossing any borders within your trip, will probably be cheaper.

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Can you hire a car in the UK and take it abroad?

Yes, you can take pick up your hire car in the UK and drive it in in Europe. A charge will apply when using your car abroad which is calculated depending on the number of days.